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Valentino Shoes anything but fiction

Le 5 April 2016, 04:20 dans Humeurs 0

When you were watching Sex and the City u2014 either as a full-fledged grown-up or as a tween (once your parents went to sleep, duh) u2014 did you Valentino Sneakers Sale ever stop and wonder if the fashion moments were actually legit? Sure, we recently learned that the sex scenes were, in fact, real. But did someone on the writing team really buy Vogue instead of dinner because it "fed her more?"

Though there's no proof that any of the farfetched fashion or shopping scenes actually happened IRL (Darren Star, we're looking to your for answers), we think these 12 scenes definitely could have. From Samantha Jones dropping Lucy Liu's name at Barneys (it's called using your connections, right?) to Charlotte's super-quick wedding dress search (because when it's the one, you just know), click through to see some of the most ludicrous fashion moments we're hoping were Valentino Shoes anything but fiction. 

Valentino Sneakers Sale see what

Le 5 April 2016, 04:14 dans Humeurs 0

Photographer and mother Ivette Ivens has experienced the kind of close-mindedness that far too many mothers of infants have dealt with. She explained to us what it was like to try to breastfeed her child in public: "I've been through the tough times when it hurt, leaked...people weren't happy with me nursing." Rather than let herself feel needlessly shamed, she took that reality and used it as inspiration for her new photo series, Breastfeeding Goddesses. "I had to overcome all this, and it made me stronger, more confident, and even understanding when it comes to ignorant people. I wanted to inspire other moms and show people the divine side of breastfeeding."

As you click through to her photos, you'll Valentino Sneakers Sale see what Ivens means when she says "divine." Her subjects u2014 wearing floral crowns and sweeping, airy skirts and dresses u2014 embody a different image of nursing than we've seen recently, and Ivens acknowledges that: "It's quite popular now to show the raw side of motherhood, something that we see every day. I decided to embrace what's invisible: feelings. I frame the mother's natural beauty, surrounded by her inner bliss... I accent her confidence, strength, and self-love, because I strongly believe that if you love yourself, you're able to spread the feeling and do beautiful things."


These idealized images remind us that breastfeeding is a demonstration of mothers' love and power Valentino Shoes u2014 as caretakers and, most importantly, as women. Ivens' book, Breastfeeding Goddesses, is now available for presale through her website